Tim Davis Productions


Format: Single season, 10 episode, Premium Period Series
Budget: $5mm per episode
Genre: High-Concept Period Dramedy
Director: Brad Buecker (Glee, 9-1-1, American Horror Story)

In the early 1880s, six Jewish boys are born within a 500 mile radius in eastern Europe. By 1884, the families of each boy migrates to America to escape persecution.

Now in their early 20’s on the east coast, each young man develops a fascination with the burgeoning industry of silent film on the east coast. Seizing opportunity, each begins purchasing theaters to show these films, until tycoon Thomas Edison, an anti-semite, refuses to supply any more films to them.

Having reached a dead end, each man decides to move west to pursue their dream of making his own films. Still unaware of each other, the men settle in a 15 mile radius of one another, and become some of the most influential and powerful of their time.

Focusing on the life of Louis B. Mayer, we watch as his vision of the American Dream is put on the silver screen, and how his innovations change the motion picture industry forever.


Format: Multiple seasons, 8 episode series
Budget: $1mm per episode
Genre: High-Concept Supernatural Drama

Four friends with aspirations to break into the music industry in Los Angeles, encounter extreme opposition and discover the supernatural forces working both to help and hinder their journeys.

Paying homage to Frank Peretti’s “This Present Darkness”, this series reveals the true reality of the supernatural, as the physical and spiritual collide, showing spirit being characters who are at war over our heroes.


Format: Multiple seasons, 8 episode series
Budget: $2mm per episode
Genre: Period Drama

Behind the veneer of 1945 Hollywood glamor, LA’s first record company ushers in a wave of naive, vulnerable dreamers who will do anything to be the next ICON.

Icon combines the slick aesthetic of Mad Men with musical elements from the 1940s. We go behind the scenes of the endless days and nights of musicians, moguls, producers, and agents giving their lives to create the next Icon.

High powered meetings, recording sessions, live shows … .Big stars, big egos, big scandals. Juxtaposed against the beautiful backdrop of postwar 1945 America, the ugly realities of bigotry, racial discrimination, sexism, and other polarizing issues are uncovered.


Format: Limited Series Biopic
Budget: $1mm per episode
Genre: High Concept Period Biopic Dramedy

DYAN is a captivating limited series that delves into the extraordinary life and career of iconic Academy Award nominated actress, director, producer, and writer, Dyan Cannon.

Spanning several decades, this compelling biographical dramedy weaves together the highs and lows, the laughter and tears, and the personal and professional triumphs of a true Hollywood legend.

From the beginnings of her acting career, to her marriage to Cary Grant, to her incredible journey as an actress, director, and artist, Dyan Cannon has consistently defied conventions and left an indelible mark on Hollywood. Her talent, beauty, and versatility have enchanted audiences, and her story continues to inspire generations, reminding us that in the world of showbiz, one can truly carve their own unique and enduring legacy.


Format: Feature
Budget: $250mm
Genre: High Fantasy Epic

In an epoch era of prehistory, a collision between divine and mortal unfolds. Semyaza, the leader of an army of celestial rebels, is driven by an insatiable desire to exert dominion over planet earth. Taking mortal wives, he and his followers father giant demigod children, who impose a brutal reign of terror upon humanity, enslaving them with unrelenting cruelty. Descending into greater darkness, they breed with all manner of species, plunging the world into violent chaos and increased malevolence.

Amid this relentless evil, a singular figure emerges. Enoch is entrusted with the duty of pronouncing judgment on these beings, condemning them to chains in the abyss, to await judgment. Still, the grip of evil continues until the greatest cataclysmic event in the history of the world is unleashed, and the entire earth is flooded, wiping out the evil progeny, and saving mankind.


Format: Live Entertainment
Budget: $1mm initial launch
Genre: Supper Club

In 1940, the Hollywood Palladium opened as a premier Supper Club in America. The Tommy Dorsey big band performed with unknown lead singer, Frank Sinatra, while guests dined and danced in the 11,000 square foot ballroom. Celebrity sightings became the norm, as The Palladium quickly became the destination for the who’s who in Hollywood.

As supper clubs began to go out of vogue in the early 1960s, the Palladium became a rental facility for special events and television productions, and has remained so to this day.

There has been a resurgence in the fascination of the golden age of Hollywood. That, along with the public’s growing desire for immersive experiential entertainment, we are resurrecting the Palladium to its former glory, starting with a two night event. This reopening would serve as proof of concept for viability of a long-term venture, expanding the supper club revival throughout the United States, and internationally.